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How to attend a Wedding – Newly Married Couples

Attending a wedding needs planning, especially for the ladies! They plan lot compared to the guys who don’t plan anything at all. This is one of the change you face after getting married. Guys get ready fast. Once married, everything needs planning. Communicating things at right time makes planning a bit simple. How many of you remember the first wedding you attended after you got married?

Attending a wedding as a couple!
How to attend a Wedding – Newly Married Couples

How it Works?
Step 1:
Communicate about the wedding much earlier.
Result – She will get time to decide what to wear and shop, if needed (Might happen if not needed too 😉 )
Step 2:
Plan much early.
Result – Less confusions, enough time to execute the plan.
Step 3 –
Preparations and check on pre-requisites for attending the wedding.
Result: Girls may need an appointment in the parlor etc.
Step 4 –
Plan smartly, if you have to start at 10 am, inform her the time is 9 am 😉
Result: Buffer is always good, just to ensure you are able to be there on time.
Step 5-
Stay with your girl in the wedding, do not leave her alone
Result: Life after you are back from wedding also is simple 😛
Step 6-
Take pics before she asks you to do so.
Result : You know what it means 😀

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