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Dhoom 3 – Dhoom Macha Liya Aamir

After a lot of waiting and  hype, on 20th december Dhoom 3 got released. Our verdict: Read below.
We have made sure to exclude  any spoilers.
Why Watch?
This movie has got a surprise element, a suspense. If you guys watched Chennai Express, i will say watch Dhoom 3 for Aamir Khan. The movie just like the prequels carry similar story line, but shot entirely in USA, mostly in Chicago.  Two things are awesome Aamir and BMW bikes. Yes, the bike Aamirkhan rides in the movie, a BMW K 1300R is awesome with some custom modifications seen here and there.


Actors & Acting:
Aamir as usual did his role very well. Katrina showcased some awesome acrobatic skills in dance (i am saying those which she did & not her stunt double). Abhishek & Uday did their part like they did in previous ones . For me, they were the comedians.  TabrettBethell, also did her part well, she is a well known face in australian tv.
From acting perspective, there was nothing much to do for anyone other than aamir khan who solely took the responsibility of making this movie a hit.

I watched it in 2D and some stunts in this movie, especially one with a Auto rickshaw was the ROFL moment in the movie. There are some good chases for those high octane movie lovers.  No violence or blood bath are seen, which means it is a decent movie for all kind of people.
Weekend Choice:
This is a movie where you can sit freely and watch forgetting that there is science, logic etc at times. A completer entertainer with a tinch of everything other than a strong script. Its a good watch for family with not much masala.
Our verdict – ***  (For Aamir Khan & the Bikes)
Go watch it and forget it!
Feedback for Dhoom 3 Team – While shooting bike chases and stunts, make sure your actors are wearing helmets and safety precautions. This will be a good inspiration for biker fans to wear helmet while riding. Also, this is a big blooper in the movie if we ignore some stunts.