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Winter hair care: Theknotstory tips

Its very difficult to handle your hair during winter. If you have long hair it become too difficult for you.The most common hair problem during winter is dryness and dandruff. 
For your help theknotstory have come come with a few handy tips on winter hair care
Winter hair care: Theknotstory tips
Winter hair care: Theknotstory tips
  • First and the foremost, use a conditioner every time after you shampoo your hair.You can add little oil to your favorite conditioner if your hair is too dry.
  • Heat the hair oil and do a thorough massage on your scalp with the warm hair oil to get rid of the dandruff. You can add little lemon juice to this for better results.
  • Brush your hair regularly and gently remove all the tangles, this will help to get rid of frizzy hair.
  • During winter its difficult to dry your hair after a wash, Always make sure your hair is completely dried naturally or by using a hair dryer.
  • Try to reduce the use of hair styling tools, the heat of which would take away the moisture left in your hair.
  • Use a good heat protect spray if you are styling your hair.
  • Do regular trimming to escape from split ends and try ends.
  • Never wash your hair in hot water, always use Luke warm water in winter.
                 Proper care should be given to your hair during all the seasons, a little extra care is required as your hair loose its moisture content during winter. Hope the above tips would be helpful for you during winter.
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