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Weddings, Relationships and Advertisements

India is the land of big fat Indian wedding, the colorful tradition and obviously a big market for wedding. We are familiar with advertisements, not all are good. . Some of these are good in portraying strength of relationships while some others in passing a social message being an ad. Wedding and relationships are used in advertisements too, not just wedding related advertisements but can be anything mostly to show a strong bond or a very strong message. Most of these ads which show wedding, brides or the relationship/bonding in Advertisements are similar with their plot, theme and appearance . There are some which are different, smart and thought provoking. There are some advertisements which showcase and spread the message easily. Some which makes people think about relationship, love and bonding.
Below are some of them. These are our picks.
1)       Tanishq – Jewelry Ad showcasing a second marriage, a new wave.
Indian Jewelry ads are famous for its glitz and glamour and also the beautiful bride and handsome groom. This new Tanishq advertisement has bought a new trend. This ad displays a mother and her daughter getting ready for the marriage. The bride here is the mother which is a very less seen trend in Indian advertisements. This ad is so touching as its one of its kind which shows the purity of jewelry as well as relationship.
Watch Tanishq Ad here
2)      Kalyan Jewelers Trust Ad – Relationship between a father and daughter portrayed in a very reasonable way.
Relationship between father and daughter which breaks when the daughter marry someone she loves and later how they both become one again.
Watch Kalyan Jewelers Ad here
3)      Icici Prudential Insurance – A man who cares about his wife, kids and family which is shown till daughter getting married.
Watch icici prudential Ad here
4) Axis Bank – Badti ka naam zindagi
Another beautiful ad which shows the life of different people and how all of them are dependent or correlated to each other.
Watch Axis Bank Ad here
Cadbury Dairy Milk- A simple and expressive advertisement
I have seen their ads since I am a child and some of them are really good. The message they pass, the way they portray a relationship. Love them for the simple and chocolaty way.
Watch the Cadbury Ad here
Royal Enfield – Handcrafted in Chennai
Unlike other motor bike advertisements, this one portrays relationship, passion and trust along with the simple message showing the motor bike as a commuting vehicle rather than a stunt bike.
Watch Royal Enfield Ad here
Amul – The Taste of India
One of the best and classic ads which need no description, watch it and feel it.
Watch Amul Ad here

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