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Wedding Makeover for Groom – Facial

Wedding makeover starts much before wedding, some people do it just before. It is not just the bride who prepares for the wedding., the groom also needs to prepare a little. Men live life differently and most of them might not have visited a parlor before wedding or never been for a Facial. They need to do a Facial for sure. The ideal plan is visit a men’s parlor and plan an appointment 3 days before wedding. We are talking about the bare minimum or a mandatory parlor visit.

Wedding Makeover for Groom โ€“ Facial
Wedding Makeover for Groom โ€“ Facial

Visit a good parlor and check for options on Groom Make over.
Plan for appointments. Some people may need multiple appointments.
In ideal case, appointment should be 3 days before wedding.
Do a good facial (Whichever suits you).
Make sure that you are not going for a cheap brand or product, use a known brand at a good parlor.
Make sure that you are not going to be in Sun after the facial.
By third day (the Wedding day) the effect can be seen in Groom’s face.
A simple facial when done on the right time can make the groom look better than the bride. ๐Ÿ™‚