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Wedding Guest Book – Do It Differently

When I got hitched the first thing I did was (Other than shopping) was create a Wedding website.
The Best part about the wedding website was the wedding guest book. It’s just so wonderful to read such amazing stuff about yourself and what your friends family have to say about your big day and new life! . So for the wedding I began to search innovative ideas over the internet for my guest book.
People are so innovative and creative.  So I thought why shouldn’t I share what I loved the most with you guys and put all things in one place.

  1.  This unique guest book idea is easy to do and it can be put up in your house as a frame or even put it in your bedroom.  Love this idea as a reminder even for the times you fight with your spouse for all the wonderful wishes people have blessed you with.  And it is so worthless to fight for petty things.
    guest book ideas
    The Photo frame that can be put up in the house later.

  2.  This is a unique way indeed. Guest can pick up travel postcards of different locations . And when they go there they can post you their message post card! its just such a lovely idea. It never would end the festivities!!!

Guest book ideas
Guest books for destination Weddings.

3.  Any advice while beginning a new relationship and specially when it’s your marriage is helpful . So this guest book or a tree book as i like to call it is just the perfect idea to get your guests to write their key to a successful marriage.  This gorgeous key can be a part of your home decor and your life lessons both!
Guest book suggestions
The Key to a successful marriage!

4.  Its simple . They Smile, The camera prints and they write and they stick! Your get a signed guestbook wall of all your guests with gorgoeus pictures. ! Could your wedding guest book get any better ??
Guest book suggestions
Click a Pic message!

5.  Get a full blown portrait of the couple and number the pieces.  Ask your guests to sign behind and pin the numbers and see the beautiful picture unfold on the board.
Guest book ideas.
Puzzle Book!

6. For your guest book  you could get wooden heart shaped canvas  and get your guest to write messages on the hearts!
Guest book suggestions.
Little wooden hearts.

7. You could just send in miniature bottles like these  For the guests who could not make it to the wedding , and they could send a message to you. This is not exactly a wedding  guest book, but sure an innovative idea to get the guests to deliver  you a message !
Sailor's bottle samples.
Sailor’s bottle samples.