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Wedding Stage design : Inspiration to Perfection

The main part of a Indian wedding other than the couple and food is the wedding decor! Β The fist thing you notice when the couple enters is the Wedding stage design! Also the very fist picture as a couple are taken on the wedding stage. So the wedding stage design absolutely has to be unique and beautiful. I had been searching for the perfect wedding stage designs when i was about to get married and these are my absolute favorite. Hope this inspires you in getting your wedding stage designed. Read our previous blog on wedding decor here.
Theknotstory tip :Β 
1. Make sure you inquire about the flowers (at times you are promised real flowers and given artificial).
2. Artificial flowers might be a sore to the eyes a little bit but they cost less! So get a budget check if you want to consider this option.
3. Appoint some one to take care of the work being done to supervise the doing and the lights and colors that you choose. (even if you have a wedding planner in place)
4. Avoid colors of your outfits to match the wedding stage design in any manner. It kills the show of your wedding dress.

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