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The Infinite loop of 5minutes – The dilemma seen in every family

The Infinite loop of 5minutes, the expression “in 5 minutes” is very common in India and heard commonly in any Indian house hold. This expression is used by the youngest in a family to the oldest person. This is a topic on which we Indian’s can write a story. The common answer in a society to most things when we are asked to do . This is an expression which people use in response to a question when they are not sure about the time they take. Some examples are when we ask someone when they are gonna come back, the answer will be in 5mints or when we call someone, they respond saying “I will call you back in 5mints”.
There are some people who would like to sleep 5 more minutes. Well, I love it.
When our boss asks ย “Are you done with it?” The trademark answer is “I will be in 5 minutes”
Now this comes in a family also too often. It becomes difficult too, but it is funny when we see the excuse and outcome. I call it the infinite loop of 5minutes. ย Below is a simple infographic with the most common scenario seen in any family.

Those 5 minutes
Those 5 minutes

Those 5 minutes are unavoidable in everyone’s life. Read, enjoy and respond to us in the 5th minute.