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Modern day Wedding guests

Weddings are fun. Attending a wedding means, being a part of the happiness, blessing the couple and family with your presence and above all have some fun. Earlier weddings are more of a family-social get together. This is one place you would see most of your friends and relatives or long lost contacts like Facebook. Today’s weddings are a bit more different, Instead of social gatherings and meeting people weddings has become a platform for showcasing Gadgets, jewels and the dresses along with the power of internet. There is a different angle for weddings, this is one place where you will see different types of people. Our take on today’s weddings and ย modern day Wedding guests.
The guests in today’s weddings:
The Shoot and Share Guests:
Any North Indian wedding starts with a Baraat where the groom’s party will come in a procession dancing and singing. This is the main ingredient for fun in ย any marriage. The baraat’s now, you won’t see people dancing like earlier times, People will be dancing with some heavy gadget in their hand. It can be a smartphone or a Tablet/phablet. Now the dance won’t be purely dance, they will be shooting videos, taking pics using the gadgets aswell as dancing. Some people will be taking pics while dancing and uploading/posting it online. Weddings doesn’t only happen in heaven anymore, they happen in Internet too ๐Ÿ˜€ In one way what they are doing is good, but they actually are missing the fun.

Modern day Wedding guests
Modern day Wedding guests

The Dslr guests:
Call it a curse or a cultural dilemma, love for photography, a Facebook page and roaming with Dslr is the new dude formula for some. Wherever they go, they will be the ones whom people mistake with wedding photographer. A big Dslr, a shoulder bag and clicking snaps of the lights, action, hair, nose, ear, dresses, food, drinks etc. In simple words they will be seen taking pictures of anything other than bride and groom. What they are missing is again the fun and enjoyment of attending a wedding. They should understand the fact that there is a professional photographer hired for taking the wedding pics and whatever pics.
Modern day Wedding guests
Modern day Wedding guests

The Busy Guest:
Some guests come to weddings are always busy on their smartphone’s or tablets or other gadgets. They are not concerned about what is happening in front of them since they will be sitting with bowed heads staring at they smartphone or the Gadget screen. There is a mystery surrounding them, nobody knows why they are sitting in the wedding venue.
The Selfie’s:
This is the most deadly species you can see in any weddings. These people are never interested in anything other than taking Self portraits holding the mobile phones/cam in the adventurous strategic position. During the baraat, or Varmaala or Phera or whatever it is, these people will be busy clicking their self portraits in all the locations they find is good. The reason, obviously profile pics for their Facebook or other social network profiles. Now, these people doesn’t know what they are missing in a wedding, instead because of them some of us do miss parts of weddings.
Modern day Wedding guests
Modern day Wedding guests

Our Suggestions:
Every marriage is actually a story in life. To enjoy any story it is necessary to be attentive. Reduced usage of smartphone during a wedding is a good habit. This is a mandatory rule for Bride & groom though. Enjoy the wedding, the rituals, the food, the ambience, mingle with people and Dance.
Remember, Someone else’s wedding is not the right place to shoot new “Profile Pic”, instead try to be part of the happiness and bless the couple by attending it in full mind.
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