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How to make the Colour of Mehndi Darker

As a bride you do so many things to get the right skin, outfits, shoes, hair make up and what not. Here’s how to make the colour of  Mehndi darker on your arms and legs.  Mehndi or Henna is a very important part of Indian customs and traditions. In Indian weddings the bride flaunts lovely mehndi designs on the hands and the feet. They say the darker the Mehndi color the more your husband loves you: P : P ( Don’t you think I am a superstitious geek! It’s just what they say. I believe the more the body heat the better the color :P) But then this whole “mehndi ka color” (Henna’s color) is not dark enough scene is better avoided with these simple tips that you can follow to get the dark colored mehndi on your wedding day!

Henna designs
Picture taken just after applying henna!

  1. Make sure you wash your hands off any body lotion or oils.
  2. Applying eucalyptus oil before applying henna on clean hands works wonders too. (I love the fragrance of the oil).
  3. Let the applied henna dry. After that mix lemon water and sugar and apply in intervals for 3- 4 hours.
  4. You can also rub some Vicks or vaporub on the dried henna on your hands to enhance the color.
  5. Once the Mehendi is dried up just rub it out with a dry towel or dry tissue (Make sure you do not wet your hands or use soap or force the henna out of your hand).
  6. You can then put saran wrap on your hand by applying Vicks or more eucalyptus oil and keep it over night. This also helps you in avoiding any henna crumbs on the bed and a good night’s sleep.
  7. Get a pan on the stove/ or heat some water in a kettle and put some cloves in it and give the smoke to your henna.(If you are allergic to clove do not do this.)
  8. Avoid using water the next day on the henna and see some amazing dark color on your hands (wear gloves etc while bathing) 😀


Dark colored hands look beautiful with the Indian attire.
Dark colored hands look beautiful with the Indian attire.

Follow these to get a darker henna color and rock the shaadi!!!

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