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Cricket is my oxygen. I don't know how will I live without it – ThankYouSachin

All of us live busy lives, most of us live with our family spend time with our friends, party and celebrate. Somehow we still find to live life, celebrate vacations, watch matches. I am writing about a Man who served his 24years playing cricket for his country or in other words spend the best part of his life in 22yards, rather than spending life with his family or kids. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, the one and only man known as The God of Cricket.
I have watched him play for more than 20years. I have heard about kapil dev, richards, Azhar, Gavaskar and seen most of them play when i was a kid. But, there is only one man i have followed closely in sports and i have worshipped him for 20+ years, bunked school and college, work to watch him play. He is one player, an individual, a perfect gentleman who has lived to keep our expectations (nations) and beliefs true. He lived a normal life made us realize the fact that you can chase your dreams, live a gentleman’s life and Live true.
Past 20 years, i have seen many good players play, many people speaking good and bad about those people and controversies surrounding them. The only man who has never been in any Controversies and never been a victim of bad mouth, the One and Only Great Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, God of Cricket.
He played 200 tests, broke many records, created a new records and benchmarks. Incase, if you want to know all about his career, it is here. Today he ended his 24 years long career by retiring from test cricket. He retired from 50 overs match and T20 earliier and that itself created a big surprise. Today he bowled an over before India took the last WIndies wicket. He played his last test the same way he played every single match. He came in to bat and started his innings with some of his Master strokes on the first day which continued on the second day and went on to reach 74 runs and all of a sudden on Nov 15th, 10:30 am, the nation stood still.The legend was caught by Darren Sammy on a delivery from Deonarine and every spectator, fan, player stood up to Salute the legend when he walked back to Pavilion one last time. It was pretty clear that India won’t be batting on Second innings and hence that was the end. Today on Nov 16th, around 12:30 pm, when WIndies lost their last wicket and India marked their second test victory in the series it was more silence than celebration. He made every single person cry by his humble words.
He thanked everyone from his family, coaches, friends, fellow cricketers,physios, doctors, Fans. Something which we all should learn from his life, a simple philosophy. Irrespective of however great you are, however rich you are, love your fellows, friends and famliy. Lead a gentleman’s life and live good until you cann because Nothing remains forever, over a period of time you have to give up things. What matters is how you spend your good time, the best time, the worst time and how good you were. The best thing to learn from him, He is a good player, a legend, a good Father, A good husband, a good Friend and a very good Human Being.

ThankYouSachin – A tribute

This is Team theknotstory’s tribute to The God of Cricket, The Legend Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar for all he has done to the people of India, Fans of cricket and to the game of cricket. #ThankyouSachin