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Our Arranged Love Story!

The Story behind Us is no usual Love story, I prefer to call it our arranged love story!
We were born and bought up in the Lungiland (yes, Kerala), God’s own country. When the question of career and jobs arose, both of us had to choose a place other than the one we were used to live in . She found her place of work in the IT hub of India, Bangalore while I started my career in Pune, then moved to Chennai and did a switch to Delhi thinking I need to explore the Geography of North and also get a feel of living in a Union Territory enjoying the best alcohol at cheaper price. Plans! Man designs, God decides. Almost a year of fun, adventures and few good parties in Delhi, one fine day my parents called me saying they are going to meet my “to be bride” and her family; Tadaaaaaa and I was stunned. Another hour and they called saying they reached and they met her and family. My family was so keen about her that, they put an impression on me saying she is The One and yes, I was reminded of Jetli movie and its stunts for a moment. Then I got a chance to talk to her, after a brief introduction about each other, we both didn’t talk much. So this is how our arranged love story began and led to marriage!
Day 1:
She calls I speaks to her, calls back and keeps talking.
I call and talks to her, she introduces me to her sister.
She is about to  leave for Bangalore from home and we keep talking.
Day 2, 3, 4 – We kept talking and both of us decided to move one step ahead and informed our parents that we are willing to marry each other.
Our parents: you both haven’t met yet, are you sure?
Me: Yes
She: Yes?! And then I decided to go and meet here.
Booked my flight tickets and flew down to Bangalore. We met, didn’t talk much as we met at my cousin’s place. From there we went out to meet my friends. After that me and my friends dropped her at her Pg (paying guest) and came back. Not much of talking unlike Phone conversations. The next day we went for lunch with my bunch of friends went for our first date. There She spoke, yes about the meeting and why we never got a chance to speak. 😀 After spending some time, I dropped her at her pg and went back to my friend’s house. The next day, I flew back to Delhi, back to work.

it's a yes
it’s a yes

Meanwhile back in God’s own country, our family started planning for the next steps and planning for a wedding. Both families met, decided dates and informed the engagement date.
Back in Delhi; I took a reliance connection and she took a reliance connection (yes, this happens with all couples who are getting married or in love or want to save money on phone calls). Reliance gives unlimited free calls on a recharge of particular denomination which actually help us keep our planning pretty simple and cheap.
Lessons 1- Always go for a cellphone connection with free calls other than the regular one. The advantages are simple a dedicated phone for talking to your love, a second phone as back up and free calls means more talking at cheaper price. (headsets are a very important accessory, trust me 😉 ).
I planned my next trip to my home town, Kerala but a small twist. This time the route was via Bangalore and yes we met, we met my friends, her friends, went for lunch, dinner etc and then again met after 3 days on our Engagement. The first vow, where we exchanged rings and our families became happier. Then things happened pretty fast, we met whenever there is a opportunity, even when we are living far away from each other (Cheap air tickets were never cheap actually, this came to my mind later).

The wedding was planned for January and we had become friends, partners and were living together in our own virtual world. Every single planning required for the marriage, we discussed and took decisions. That was the first change. Some decisions which were supposed to be taken and made a practice happened before marriage and yes, boy and girl became Man and wife on 21st January 2012. That was the day we married each other, our Story took a twist from there.
It’s almost two years, we kept our promises to each other and are living our life in our ways. We fight, we quarrel, we have fun, we travel, we work, we live and we stay together the same way we stood on that day, the day we took the vow.Our south indian wedding
Our story is the story of any regular boy and girl in an Indian family who gets married. Not much tales, not much hype, simple traditional wedding inviting close friends, family and others. We never got a chance to think about a dream wedding, a destination wedding or a special wedding. We are working to make sure that we can help others in deciding and planning their marriage in a way which will not hurt there selves or their families, but keep the wedding a dream wedding.

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