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What to Wear at a Friend's Wedding

With so many friends getting married in November I was wondering that one might think What to Wear at a Friend’s Wedding ? So now I am hunting for the right kind of outfit to wear at a friend’s wedding. My only requirement is not too flashy but a little wedding’y’. Oh and I forgot it has to be classy and not jazzy!!Did I mention that I don’t want to overshadow the friends outfit and don’t want to look like a heavily decked up family member! I wanted a lehenga for the wedding and something Indo-western for the Sangeet/cocktail.
So  here’s what you can pick for a friend’s wedding without looking over dressed/ under-dressed!! Just remember never over accessorize. Excess of everything can be bad! Also putting on makeup is fine but too much make up might scare people off. Below are my favorite picks for you to choose to wear at a friends wedding (Keeping in mind Indian weddings)
For the Cocktails/Formal Ring Ceremony/Sangeet!

What to wear at a friends wedding
Ceremony outfits!

For the wedding  :
What to wear at a fiends wedding!
Main wedding outfits.

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