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Wedding Planning Apps for Smartphones

Since the wedding season is here and the wedding dates are coming near you need to be in your best mood to do things in an organized manner.  And since it’s the wedding day you must have everything you planned for.  Anything missed can cause stress and untimely frustration! You already have a lot to deal with.  With the booming technology to the rescue all this is not really difficult.
I got you a list of famous wedding planning apps for smartphones with androids/Iphone’s OS that are absolutely wonderful and you should download and increase your productivity and reduce the risk of any mismanagement till your wedding day!
1. Wedding planner.

  1. Wedding planning apps
    Wedding planner

Fantastic app for wedding planning. You can also import and export data from this app.  You can manage your guests, budget, tasks, vendors, tracking your gifts; manage your seating arrangements etc. All in all everything present at the wedding that you need planning for.

2. Wedding Party.

wedding planning apps
Wedding Party.

This is again a unique app for couples getting married. What I love about the app is its unique interface. Also the app lets you get your guests involved by text/email invites. I love the feature where you can set up an album for all your wedding events. Also you can collect all the photos of your wedding from your friends. You can have you couple story, logistical information, venue details incorporated here.
3.Design your wedding day.
Wedding planning apps
Design your wedding

What I love about this app is the very easy to use interface. Along with planning for your wedding day details you can also plan you ideas and store in your favorite tuxes or favorite wedding dress designs in one place so you don’t forget what you saw and where!! Same applies to the cakes and decor.
4.Indian wedding planner.
Wedding planning apps
Indian wedding planner

Specially designed for Indian weddings. Very simple  and easy to use interface Along with some free inspirations and information’s on Accessories, haircare tips, bridal mehndi ,choosing your budget groom wear etc.. The budget planner here is good with an instant comparison for allotted budget and the cost of what you are spending on. Option for a guest list also.
5.Plan shaadi wedding planner.
Wedding planning apps
Plan shaadi wedding planner

Simplest of all the wedding planning apps this consists of a checklist, budget, guest and vendor list. Also you can sync all this data with their website .This app suits the needs of the users who want simple app without any complications. This app has some really great reviews by the users!
And for those who want a constant reminder of the day approaching in time and seconds There are abundant apps for you to download. But this one is my personal favorite!!
6.I DO, I DO!
Wedding planning apps.
I do, I do!

 Disclaimer : I did not get paid to do a review from these apps! These items are my personal favorites.