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Wedding Makeup Shopping Haul

We suffered a major shopping haul over this weekend.  A bride to be was shopping for her wedding makeup kit!  We hopped and hoped at different cosmetic stores.  Along with that trials of different products, tutorials, confusions etc!  We decided Mac was our brand and just ended up buying all that we needed for a bride to have in her wedding  makeup kit.
Here’s the list. And believe me or not other than your favorite eyeliners-lip shades-nail paints-lip glosses you makeup base is very important.  So while buying your wedding makeup be sure to try everything on yourself (Please do not try them on your arm and think it’s perfect.)
As far as you foundation goes always try it on your face. (Preferably half face, as you can compare the original complexion and the foundation texture.) Try to experiment different things until your foundation sets in at least give it 20 mins or so. Give the beautician some credit and take proper advice. But be sure not to fall to their excellent marketing skills. They just want to make you buy everything, so be honest about the products you already have.
While buying makeup brushes for our bride we figured out Mac has the best make up brushes. But at any time if you feel they are expensive just visit Sephora.  Their makeup brushes are reasonable and almost the same quality.
So here’s our list of things at our latest wedding makeup  shopping haul at MAC. Trust me you should have each one of these: P (Our bride had serious complains for making her spend too much. But I am just the best person to go shopping with! )

  1.  MAC tinted lip conditioner SPF 15
  2. MAC LIP pencil
  3. MAC Sheer tone Shimmer blush
  4. MAC Studio finish cache concealer SPF 35
  5. MAC Studio fix powder plus foundation
  6. MAC Studio fix fluid  SPF 15
  7. MAC FIX + Make up fixer
  8. MAC Brush cleanser
  9. MAC Pearl fusion shadow
  10. MAC Face primer
  11. MAC eye primer
  12. Sephora travel foundation brush
  13. Inglot Blending brush
  14. Color bar makeup remover
  15. Color bar eye shadow palette
  16. Color bar triangular sponges

Wedding makeup shopping
wedding makeup shopping haul

This is the second part of our bridal makeup shopping. The first shopping visit we made a stop to Sephora and picked up lip shades from NYX, Makeup forever and Este lauder!  Nail shades from OPI and Makeup remover from Lakme absolute!  When you get married one gets all excited about shopping and footwear but make up also plays an essential role when you have those dinners and parties to attend.  So make sure you buy the right wedding makeup and feel good about looking good! Also read our post on pre wedding grooming here.

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