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Inspiration – Wedding day heels

Like so many other women! I am guilty of shoe shopping and being a total shoe person. I have a big fat shoe fetish! So when this week we went Wedding day heels shopping for our bride,the shoe freak inside me tried really hard to stop my normal  from buying anything , but you girls know how it is right? I ended up buying some for myself too: P Okay Okay focusing back on the wedding day heels!  Usually Indian wedding dresses are the red family!  Well it might be a great idea to just match your red lehenga to the red heels and get it done with! But its your wedding and its gonna happen once (Ideally)! So give it some thought! Think about color options for the wedding day heels other than the traditional red. Benefits of doing so 1. You will be different and unique in choosing so, 2. you can use that non typical bridal heel elsewhere even after your wedding and not stash it in your cupboard.
Thekntostory tip:

  1. You have to stand in these heels for a very long time! Remember you have to be photographed with all the uncles and aunties and chachas , mamas and bitoos and pinkies of the family! Make sure they are comfortable!
  2. Looking taller than you r guy is a personal decision and I wouldn’t comment on that but since you have a wedding lehenga on  and your hair are tied up in a bun make sure you don’t look way too tall than you intend to.
  3. Heels and lehenga length should be checked before finalizing your footwear. You don’t want to show your feet after sitting down on the chair.
  4.  Please do not wear the same footwear as your previous functions beneath the wedding lehenga thinking no one will notice! Always remember while sitting in the pheras you will be removing your footwear.
  5. Try not to go flat as  you might face difficulty walking in your lehenga/gown.
  6. Make sure the lehenga/gown is at least 1 inch below the heel bottom!
  7. Try to avoid a lot of protruding stones in your heels as they tend to get stuck in your outfit.
  8. Have shoe liners if you are buying front closed shoes.

Here are some inspirational designs for you to choose from for your wedding day
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