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36 things wedding planners do! – Wedding Planning 004.

Wedding planning is actually the most important part of any wedding. You hire a wedding planner or plan it yourself!! So there is always a wedding planner at a wedding. There are only so many things a wedding planner can do! So bring you an experts list of 36 things wedding planners do  in order to give you the perfect dream wedding.
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  1. Budget planning to make your wedding a successful one and in accordance to what you dream of.
  2. Allocating budget for the entire function as per the requirement.
  3. Help you plan the entire wedding from start to end.
  4. Take care of the bride and groom’s requirement for each function.
  5. Decor finalizing and contacting the vendors accordingly.
  6. Short listing the caterers and finalizing the food menu.
  7. Wedding venue suggestions and working on the theme in accordance with the requirements of the bride and groom.
  8. Arranging for the makeup artists for the bride and the family.
  9. Go for the fittings of the bride and groom’s dress along with the important members of the family.
  10. They are like the bride’s personal assistants till the wedding is successful. Anything wrong with the dress or hair or skin u now you whom to contact.
  11. Any emergency related to the wedding is to be dealt by the wedding planner.
  12.  Get the details of all the vendors and keep them in check if the things are coming along in the required schedule.
  13. Getting the invitation card designs.
  14. Finalizing the matter text of the card.
  15. Getting the RSVP’s from all the guests and planning the seating arrangements.
  16. Working on the DJ arrangements and making sure the music is what the family/bride-groom requires.
  17. Work on the return gifts and the packing and forwarding them ahead.
  18. Assist the vendors in whatever they need from food to water to any kind of raw material.
  19. Make sure the arrangements are in accordance with the number of people invited. The venue should not be overcrowded and avoid any kind of mismanagement.
  20. Carry bridal emergency kit to avoid last minute (skin/dress/makeup/hair) mishaps!
  21. Arrange for photographers and make sure they provide all that they claim to be.
  22. Make sure the bride and the groom are well settled at the venue and are not overcrowded by guests for photographs.
  23. The gifts received are well handles.
  24. Manage the guests and cater to their requirements.
  25. Always oversee the work done by the vendors.
  26. Make sure the dry-clean or laundry is picked up.
  27. Transportation of the guests is well taken care of.
  28. Guide the bridal/ groom party on how to pose for the pictures/hold the bouquets etc.
  29. Arrange for the seating for guests who forgot to confirm RSVP.
  30. Provide emotional support to the bride’s family or bride if required.
  31. Make sure there is no runaway bride kind of a situation.
  32. IF there is a stay arrangement for the guests make sure they are well- arranged and the rooms are ready to live in before the guests arrive.
  33. If there is any change in the wedding plan or transportation or any vendor make sure to follow that up and not let it affect the other vendor’s work.
  34. Go for food tasting/wine tasting.
  35. Finalize the wedding cake and make sure it reaches the venue on time.
  36. Make a list of all the key numbers in case the wedding vendors can’t reach you.

Well you don’t always need a Professional wedding planner. But things always become easier and less strenuous and thus help you enjoy the wedding better. Instead of getting
stressed about how all of it will happen you should just hire a wedding planner and follow the list of things wedding planners do!! Hence ensure a successful wedding without any stress. Also there is everything Theknotstory can help you with. Also do not forget to watch the movies The wedding planner &  Band baja baraat for a lil strefree time 😀 Feel free to write to us – [email protected]

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