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Physics of Wedding by Happily Married Guy

Happily married, ain’t we? A day in a married personโ€™s life, plenty of cartoons have been made on this topic. Jokes apart, what happen when you get married? Before getting married, most of us have this weird idea about wedding being end of a good life and beginning of a life full of struggles and conditions. ย Let us keep this assumption apart and look into the facts.
After you get married, you got two ways, 1) Live like you are married, 2) Ignore the truth and live pretending you are single. Most people select option 1), reason being it is less complicated compared to option 2. When you move from Single to married, you have someone to take care of you, you got a partner with whom you can share everything, someone who can make your life a bit more organized and most importantly someone to Love you Unconditionally. ย Above this, let us take a look at the positives and negatives here.

guy shopping
Grocery shopping is worse than algebra.

The Positives:

  • Start living a more organized life.
  • Eat good food, the best in fact.
  • Sleep and Wake up on time.
  • Live a healthy and organized living.
  • Learn to control Anger and other emotions.
  • Learn about the word Savings and Deposits.
  • Become familiar with Vegetable and grocery prices.
  • Start hunting for the best deals and save a dough.

The negatives:

  • Get to know about Shopping.
  • Travel light becomes a myth.
  • Finance is something which is always in IT companiesโ€™ style spending, yes Cost cutting is the right word.
  • Beer and other soft drinks become luxuries which are supposed to be used once in a blue moon.
  • Travel becomes costly and pre-planned. No surprise trips or backpacking.
  • No more solo decision making.
  • Go home after work; No unplanned party with friends.
  • Response to Whatsapp messages is mandatory.
  • This blog post can get Censored for one single reason, this.

girls shopping- A never ending hunt

In the end, a positive and negative together makes it neutral and easy which makes marriage a sensible affair. Go, get married and write like we do. Also, the first line of the post makes no sense which is same like the comment about being single through out the life.
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Oh! The Happily married Girl is going to post about the same, from a different perspective. :O

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  1. This is surely the truth of wedding, people get to know good and bad things about each other which they can not know in a relationship, marriage brings lots of responsibility as well as happiness, loved the post ๐Ÿ˜€

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