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Happily married Girl's Life!

Marriage changes everyone’s life. For some marriage brings better change and for some others its an adjustment more than change. Β But we often try to be happily married and enjoy our married life with our partner.. Life of a married girl is a bit of sacrifice, patience and struggle as she has to leave her parents and settle with her husband and in-laws. Life changes a lot than when she was unmarried.
Life of a happily married Girl!
Life of a happily married Girl!
  • First and the foremost thing is you Β get someone to be taken care of and who will take special care of you πŸ˜‰
  • The girl whose every wish was fulfilled by her parents, after marriage tries to fulfill the wishes of her in-laws and husband, and in some cases given the responsibility to manag the whole house.
  • Earlier your mom used to cook your favorite food every time you demand, after marriage you cook your husband’s and in-laws favorite food, and of course make that your favorite food.
  • Apart from spending time on shopping your favorite closet and cosmetics you start thinking of getting a new home and about saving for future. All these thoughts come in only after marriage.
  • After marriage one feeling which is common in every girl is, you start loving your mom more than ever and miss her too much πŸ™
  • You feel mature and well organised.
  • You start participating more in family functions and festivals and get to know the importance of family value and strength.
  • One thing I have noticed is that after marriage you start getting gifts which is the happiest thing for a girl. πŸ˜›
  • where your mom could never convince you to wear heavy jewelry, after marriage you will be found in heavy jewels in all the functions without any complaint.
  • Some people are lucky if they get a husband who understands and loves them.
Life of a happily married Girl!
Life of a happily married Girl!
All these changes are unavoidable in our life after marriage. The best thing we can do is to accept those changes, move ahead and have an awesome married life.