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Expert's tip for Life After wedding.

Weddings are a costly affair be it India or any country. Living after the wedding  is tougher when not planned smartly. These tips are aimed for a smooth life after wedding.  Our tips on preparation to a life after the wedding.

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To make life better just after the wedding make sure you have things planned! (Link here.)

a) Apply for a Gas connection well before wedding. This is going to be a big challenge today (at least in India)
b) Apply for a mobile connection if one of you is shifting from a different location.
c) Rent out a house in a strategic location at a reasonable rent. (Residential area and not far from work)
d) Plan and buy the utensils and other necessary items.
e) Furniture and furnishings – It is good to discuss with your partner and select these. If possible go together & shop.
f) Home Appliances – This can also be done after discussing with each other. If possible go together & shop.
g) Apply for a good internet connection, Cable TV connection etc.
h) Try to do a reconnaissance to find out the options in the area.
i) For workaholics out there – Try to start a healthy schedule early to work and back home on time.
j) It will be good to stop Smoking in case of smokers. (Applicable to both girl & boy).
k) Reduce late night parties and consumption of alcohol. This will help you to save a little more.
l) Most important – Save something for the future. (Reduce or stop all unnecessary shopping & travel)
Our target is your happiness. We are here to help you start living happily after marriage also.  Feel free to write to us with your suggestions, feedback , queries –