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Wedding Registry in Indian Weddings.

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Wedding registries still have to make a place in the Indian wedding.

Wedding registry is the new wedding fad these days. Taking its popularity in the Indian wedding trends also these days. I personally did play the wedding registry  card with all my friends.
I just handed over a list of things I need and won’t be buying myself and magically so my lovely friends had the entire list on my wedding registry as my wedding gift!! (How much I love them for this!) In India it is considered rude to ask for your own gift in your wedding.  If you do you might come across greedy or even rude!!
But if you do have the wedding registry things become easier.  Instead of getting things you already have and pile on unnecessary stuff, it’s better to give your guests an idea of what is it that you need after the wedding and what is it that you already have. Most of us do not usually depend on wedding gifts for the things that we need.  Hence having a list of things is always helpful!  So basically a wedding registry is a list of wedding gifts that an engaged couple would like to receive.
Typically, it’s a service provided by stores free-of-charge (In India its not that common ). The couple choose wedding gifts they’d like, and then when friends go to shop they can see what has already been purchased as a gift, and what is still available to choose from. So no question of repeating the stuff that already has been bought. Its new to the Indian wedding but then why not be the change that you want the world to be. There are various bridal registries online and infinite number of samples. We will come up with one for our Indian couples very soon. Till then stay tuned. Also tell us what you want on the wedding registry?? Write at [email protected]