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Healthy Diwali – theknotstory tips

Diwali is almost here.We all know that Diwali is named as the festival of lights, but I prefer to offer a small correction to it as ‘ the festival of lights and sweets’. When we visualize Diwali its always crackers and sweets which comes into our mind. Even if we want to refrain ourselves from this, but you are a newly wed then you cannot .Many of us prepare the Diwali sweets at home rather than purchasing from the stores. The most essential ingredient required in the Diwali sweets is ghee and sugar, the more you add ghee and sugar the best your sweet become.
ย  ย  We all are also aware of the truth that these are rich in cholesterol and sugar content which will adversely affect your health. Nowadays even before the age of 30 its quite common to be a diabetic and cholesterol patient. Because of all these reasons theknotstory team thought to give you few tips, so that you can enjoy your Diwali sweets, but in a healthy way.
Healthy Diwali- theknotstory tips
Healthy Diwali- theknotstory tips
  • First and foremost, reduce the consumption of ghee and sugar, replace ghee with olive oil or any other edible oil or use a bit of ghee for the smell and taste along with oil. A small compromise on taste here will help you control your calories and health.
  • Replace deep frying with baking where ever possible, and you will get a tasty but healthy sweet/snack.
  • Replace sugar with natural sweeteners like dates fig, jaggery etc. There are a lot of dishes where you can replace sugar with jaggery like kheer.
  • During festival season increase your workout timings. The reason is clear – more intake of calories during festivals, so more workout required to burn the extra calories.
Healthy Diwali- theknotstory tips
Healthy Diwali- theknotstory tips
  • Try to avoid sweets from bakery as they contain chemical preservatives which will even damage your kidneys and liver.
  • Say no to artificially sweetened soft drinks, Substitute them with fresh juice or tea/coffee.
  • Opt for dry fruits like pista, cashew almonds over high calorie sweets.

I know its hard to restrict yourself during festival season from high calorie food and sweets, but a little control over them will keep you fit and happy.Wishing you all a happy Diwali in advance.
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