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10 things you should know in the first month of marriage! – For the Man!

They popularly say ” All that starts well ends well”.  So once you are married we bring you a list of 10 things to avoid in the first month of marriage if you are  the man of the relationship! Remember the beginning is what matters!

First month of marriage!

first month of marriage

1.Your girl just made a big decision leaving her home behind and shifting to yours. Try and make things as comfortable as you can in the first month of your marriage. Make sure you have your house ready for her before she shifts in. She doesn’t want to get in and start the interior work immediately after the wedding!!

 2.You know all your relatives and friends and cracking up personal jokes is okay but make sure she has a background of things going on!! Always remember you will be going over to her place in the similar surroundings!!

 3.Help her in whichever way you can! Little things matter the most!

4.You just got back from your honeymoon! She does not want to be a housemaid by cooking for all! Try and take it slow for her. You might end up making her feel like she was married to cook!!

5.It’s just the first month  of your marriage yet! Stop pressurizing her for future financial strategies and planning. Let her have some time to adjust to the new place. And If you stay with your parents it’s although more difficult for the girl to adjust! Give her some space!

 6.Only because you are going to stay together the rest of your lives staying out late nights and behaving like a bachelor is not okay!  Your wife need some time with you and so do you.

7.Make sure you take her out to special dinners at least on the weekends. Remember romance is not only for the honeymoon!!

8.Do not discuss babies! It’s just intimidating!!

9.If she misses her parents it’s okay! All you got to do is be a little compassionate. Saying things like its okay or ignoring her is not okay!

10.DO NOT ever comment on what she wants to wear or make up or shoes unless asked otherwise!!

Keep these things in mind and you guys are good to start on a good note 😛 😛


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