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Wedding Photography and Album – Traditional or New Age. Our tips.

We are emotional and we forget things, but ย marriage is something which no one ever forgets. What is the purpose of Wedding Album and Wedding photography then? Most of us spend a decent amount on finding the right ย Wedding photographer/Videographer for your idea wedding photography and album. But, are you getting the service worth the money spent? It ain’t easy to measure, but a simple benchmark is the quality of pictures and the different angles they have been taken. 20 years down the lane, when someone looks at ย your wedding album they should be able to live the wedding.Read our previous post on wedding photography here.
Most of us are familiar with the text-book poses in a wedding photo shoot ( yes, the one with bride’s hand on Grooms chest). Some photographers are too good, they come up with innovative styles. One important factor for coming up with a ย good album is to keep limited number of pics in the album. Make sure that whole ceremony can be seen in those limited pics. This doesn’t mean that only group photos should be taken. ๐Ÿ˜› Ask the photographer to make the album like a story. Every single photo should be connected with the other. This way, someone when you look the album after some years also you feel the same warmth you felt when you got married.

Wedding Photography
wedding shoot

If you are onto the experimenting or trendy side, then there are too many folks who are freshly brewed in the field of photography. All of them are available on social networking sites like Twitter,Facebook, Flickr, 500 PX etc. You can see their work and decide,to hire them or not.
Another way is to keep bare minimum pics of the ceremony and plan a wedding shoot. Pick a theme, get your friends and family dressed as per the theme. Get photos clicked in a way that the whole thing looks like a Still movie. Album designing should be done in a way to complement the shoot.
For example: Shoot pics in dresses which complement a Fairy tale and use a fairy tale based design for the album.
If you are too innovative or the Photographer is, then you can expect a very awesome wedding album which definitely will be a value for money.
wedding photography
wedding shoot

Also, a small intro in the form of a Photo presentation or video presentation about the life of bride and groom in the wedding venue / reception will be good idea. Till the bride and groom enter the venue it sure is able to capture the attention of the guests.
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