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Traditional Kerala Wedding Feast – Part -1

The post calls out to the one’s looking for wedding feast details. We have written about this before and hope you guys have read it ! If your answer was an instant no in the head here’s where you need to go : ย Wedding feast.
First of all Apologies for staying away for a past few weeks! Theknotstory team had been a bit busy on the ย personal life. We had our yearly visit to the hometown to spend some time with parents, relatives and friends. Should admit that we had a great vacation even though we realized that we ended up running a marathon to meet everyone . Yeah! that’s life and that’s how most of us try to keep in touch with our dear ones. ๐Ÿ™‚
We had been posting about weddings, wedding preparations, wedding planning, doโ€™s & donโ€™ts. This time we are going to write about something which came to our mind when we attended a Hindu wedding during our vacation. We at theknotstory, didn’t just attend it, we watched it closely. Based on our knowledge, research and what is followed in God’s Own Country, Kerala we are writing this. A small introduction about the wedding. It was a close friend’s wedding. Beautiful stage, a nice auditorium, well-organized & simple like any other Kerala wedding.
Thumb Rule: When in Kerala, Eat like a Malayalee, Eat with your hand and not with a spoon ๐Ÿ˜› (Most of our friends did have a gala time finding a spoon with the caterer!! )
In Kerala weddings, the main attraction other than Bride and her gold ornaments is the wedding feast called ‘sadya’. Traditional Wedding Feast or in simple language Sadya is a pure vegetarian feast which comprises of a number of dishes, to be precise 16-17 items and 3, 4 sweet items (this may change from place to place). The number of items may vary a bit, normally it is 16-17 dishes.The dishes are served one by one in the plantain leaf. After serving all the side dishes next comes white rice, sambar, rasam, curd, followed by payasam (kheer).

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Items Served:
Sharkara upperi, kaya varuthathu (variety of banachips served sweet and spicy)
Puli inji (a tangy dish made of tamarind, ginger)
Achar (pickle)
Ney and Paruppu (ghee and dhal)
Pappadam (papad)
Thoran (Vegetable recipe richly garnished with coconut)
Kaalan ( dish made of curd which resembles north Indian kadi)
Avial (A mixed vegitable dish)
Koottukari (chana, raw banana semi gravy dish)
Iniji thairu (curd ginger dish)
Pachadi (another dish where curd is main ingredient)
Choru (rice)
Sambharu ( the famous Sambar)
Moru (butter milk)
Payasam (kheer- mostly more than one)
Pazham (banana)
All dishes served contain coconut in some form. These are served in a particular order and there is no buffet.The lunch is served on a fresh banana leaf. The dishes are served on specific places on the banana leaf in specific order. The sadya is usually served for lunch. Unlike olden times, now a days, sadya is served on tables, as people no longer find it convenient to sit on the floor.
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By the time someone finishes a good Sadya, he/she will be tummy full and in a mood to find a nice cozy place to sleep. ๐Ÿ˜€ The taste, the uniqueness of dishes, the way they serve, the ambience and ย most importantly the wedding feast quality makes it unforgettable and tempting.
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