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Weddings & Gadgets

Every wedding is a celebration of well dressed men, women, children and in today’s weddings you see latest Gadgets also. Unlike earlier times, missing a moment in a wedding or the wedding in recent times itself is not much an issue. Thanks to all the gadgets which help to catch and share these moments. Other than the designated Wedding Photographer & Videographer, you will be able to see lots of people clicking pictures or recording videos using different gadgets.Weddings & Gadgets are interrelated now.
Digital Cameras:  Unavoidable gadget you see in any wedding. Today’s world almost everyone will be having a digital camera and will be busy clicking their own or someone else’s photos. Since weddings are more like a get together, no one wants to miss a single moment. Hence everyone keeps clicking. Digi-cams have a wide range starting with cheaper ones, the moderately priced ones, the small monsters, the Dslr’s & Professional Cameras.


Mobile Phones: Mid 2000 we started to see Mobile Phones with Cameras, In 2008 Nokia sold more camera than anyone else to become world’s biggest manufacturer of any kind of camera. You can see almost every second person using a mobile phone with camera. Now after the concept of Smart phones, marriages have become more social and live. Everything and anything happening in a marriage is shot and shared instantly using Smart phone cameras. Unlike Digital camera’s they use Gprs/3G/Wifi data to share the images in real time. Today, if you go to a wedding you will see lots of flashes if you are facing the audience. On the other hand, If you are seated as audience, then you will see too many hands raised and the wedding function in the mobile phone screens.
Hands Raised
Tablets: Tablets are the big brother of mobile phones size wise and feature wise. The compact size and power of a laptop makes the tablets also popular. These gadgets also come with Camera’s. Just like mobile phones, you can see plenty of tablets also during any wedding function. Gadgets are used in marriages not just for clicking pics, but sharing those online, planning wedding, tracking, organizing, invites, coördination, Communication and what not.

Current Trend
Current Trend

Today’s weddings are digital in every way. Starting from planning most of us uses gadgets like phones and tablets for planning, managing, coordinating & communicating easily. Any gadget if used in the right way is a blessing and when it comes to marriages anything which can make things easier is welcome. Gadgets are the new assistants instead of humans.
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