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Recipe for Creating Online Wedding Invite

In today’s world, we use Internet & email also to invite people. Simplest way being attaching scanned copy of the invitation to an email and sending that email to the respected people. The other way or a more presentable way is an Online Wedding Invite. This basically is a Micro website, where you can create a small wedding site with multiple pages. Embed the invitation, add pics, add a story; all of these using the available design templates. Most of these websites are free, some are chargeable though.
While creating a wedding website, we need to be careful as it is a Wedding Invitation, hence it should not be shabby. Try to use a decent design template instead of going for a shabby one. Discuss with your groom and do the initial design part.
Start with an Intro about the bride and groom. Add the Scanned Copy of Wedding invite with venue, time and all necessary details. Write the story behind this wedding, how you met and how you came to the decision of getting married along with some nice pics. For your guests, keep a page with details about the wedding location, specialities/attractions, places to see, how to travel, Maps and everything that will help them for booking the travel. Keep a guest book where people who visit the site can sign with blessings, best wishes etc. The most important part R.S.V.P page. Try to make sure that guests who are visiting the wedding site is sending an Rsvp too. This will help for booking accommodation, travel, food and planning guest management. Below is an Infographic on a Good Online Wedding Site:

Online Wedding Invite
Online Wedding Invite

If the wedding is a theme based wedding, add a page about the same with the theme, what theme & what dress to be worn.
Depending on the budget, one can create a paid wedding site or a permanent domain registered in the name of bride & groom which should record their life hence forth; starting from wedding. This site can act as a Journal with pics, life events, invitations, achievements, travelogues, blogs etc.
There are more to come from us about Weddings. Write to us for any queries, suggestions, help needed for your wedding, Have an Awesome Sunday.

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