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Our tips on pre-wedding grooming

The pre-wedding days are the busiest days in your life. Some of us will have ample time for wedding preparations but in some cases it’s ‘chat mangni pat byah'(Hindi phrase used where marriage is done in a hurry-burry ) . In most cases, even though we have enough time for preparation, the whole preparation starts only a few days before marriage.
     In between the preparations one thing you should not forget is grooming and beautification of both bride and groom. On the wedding day beauticians will do their bit but we should keep in mind a few things.Below are few of our tips on pre-wedding grooming which would help you look better on the wedding day. It’s for both bride and groom 😉 😉
  • Even though you have a thousand things to do, find time to have your meals on time. Proper meals and nutrients glow your skin
  • Have proper sleep. A good sleep of minimum seven hours will help you vanish your dark circles (experience from my then fiancé now husband 😉 )
  • Keep your mind tension free and take less stress as possible. Stress and tension will spoil your health and take away glow from your face
  • Do not wait for last minute to go to parlor, start the pre-wedding sessions of grooming which starts around 2 months before marriage.
  • Visit you dentist for a perfect smile on your wedding album 😀
  • Try to go for a body massage and spa which will sooth your skin and mind.
  • Avoid any event where you have to expose to sunlight for a long time. You will not look good on your wedding in tanned skin :/
  • Keep an eye on your weight loss/gain during pre-wedding days and make sure your wedding dress/suit fits your perfectly. It’s for both plumply and skinny ones 😛
Hope these tips will help you during your wedding day, for any help please email us on [email protected]

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