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First Meeting – Do's & Dont's

 In India, marriages are arranged by Family of the boy and girl. It starts from the two families meeting and checking the horoscope match after which the boy’s family meets the girl – the First Meeting . After this only, the boy gets a chance to meet the girl. There are different variants to the same culture though.

We are writting about the Do’s & Dont’s part when the Boy Meets the Girl for the First time. Earlier we had written about the First Date.

First Meeting - Do's & Dont's
First Meeting – Do’s & Dont’s
  • Do not jump into conclusions.

When you meet someone for the first time, it is not necessary that you get to know about that person. Go with an open mind and a positive attitude. Try to see if the person is comfortable speaking to you, her likes, dislikes etc. On the first meeting, plan for the next date also if possible.

  •  No False Promises:

Sometimes it happens that we fall in love with a person at the first sight itself, then we forgets about ourselves. The very next moment onward, every action will be to impress that person. This means, there is a probability where we hide things or habits from the person because she doesn’t like it. Do not do this, in case if you have a habit which you think you can leave, tell that. Do not hide anything.

  •  Choosing the Right Place

While arranging the first meeting, arrange it somewhere silent. Not too loud. Mostly the boy and boy’s family goes to the girls house. There the first meeting happens. Most of us live far away from our home and hence it happens that family meets the girl/girl’s family first and then the guy meets the girl. Choose a place with good ambiance, a bit silent, Not too crowded. Somewhere you can sit and talk without disturbance.

  •  Be Calm:

There will be loads of excitement, curiosity & tension while meeting for first time. Be calm, composed and make the other person comfortable. Now, this ain’t the beginning of a Love story, this is the initial step for marriage. Here you may not get a chance for date and go out a lot. Some families are a bit more conservative which means that there are Fewer chances of boy meeting girl multiple times or going on date. Remember, girls are sensitive and mostly a bit worried about the first meeting. So behave normal, be normal and remember, first impression is the  best impression.  Do not send the wrong signal by planning a lot of imaginary things in the first date itself.

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