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First Gift – The Most Memorable Gift

Hope you guys liked our previous blog on First DateΒ  and I am sure it would have taken you back to your first date for those who got married and for those who are still waiting to tie the knot would have dreamt about your first date ;). When you decide your first date you plan each and everything in a special way, where to meet, what to wear and how to complement each other in the best way. Another important thing to decide upon is about the special gift you buy for your partner for the first time, Your first gift!!.
The first gift is too special and going to be memorable. It is not necessary that you should spent a lot on this gift. It is all on what and how you choose to gift. Make her/him feel special when you gift it and let it be a super surprise. We have given a few tips below which will help you choose a perfect surprise gift for your partner.

First Gift – The Most Memorable Gift
First Gift – The Most Memorable Gift

  • Try to know what he/she is crazy about. As its a surprise gift, find out with your partner’s sister/brother/best friend or even parents.
  • If you are planning to get an electronic item like a phone or a watch, know his/her favorite brand before getting it (also the brand which he/she hates).
  • If you are planning for an ornament like ring/chain/bracelet/bangles etc, find out which metal do they like, the reason being some of them dislike some metal and some are even allergic to some metal. Again, you can take the help of his/her close ones.
  • The most important point here is how you are making your gift memorable and special. You can have a nice beautiful packing and choose your own special way to gift it πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ .

The Gift you give on the First Date will be the one most remembered, Choose smartly. When in doubt, write to us [email protected]Β . We at theknotstory are here to help you.
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