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The Wedding Photo Album!

These wedding photo album goes along the ย lifetime memory lane. Every time I still watch my wedding photo album it just brings back the entire ceremony. The Little things such as putting up haldi on to all your friends, ย to guiding your relative to find the groom’s ย shoes , Panicking when you can’t find that one little clip, checking on to the mirror a thousand times before getting out there ( applicable to all the ladies out there ๐Ÿ˜› ), dancing with the most unknown entity in the ceremony to seeing your nervous groom and feeling better he’sย just as miserable as you are !!
The Wedding passes by. All the festivities are over and you are back on track to settling back to work after the long leave ! And bam you have the photograph CD! As much fun it is to watch the wedding pictures do not forget the task of selecting the pictures to make a life ling memory in the form of ย your wedding photo album! And trust me they are like more than a 1000!

The Wedding Photo Album!
The Wedding Photo Album!

Couple of points before you go ahead and finalize the look of your wedding photo album!
After you have viewed all the pictures and re-lived the moments again, and laughed of the funny/silly pictures , you are ready to do some work , sort the pictures in the order you want to ย put them in your wedding photo album. And do not forget to make sure your partner does half of the stack with you! Later you can cross check each other’s pics. Trust me you always want your best picture through!

  • Make appropriate folders and sort the relevant 200 to 300 pics that you want to put in your album according to each album.
  • Sort some excellent picture of the bride and the groom to put on the covers.
  • The first and the last pages of the album should have your best picture.
  • Make a separate folder of your close friends and relatives so that the wedding photo album maker would know where and how to place them.
  • Put the pictures according to the date and time in the right order that the functions happened.
  • Last but not the least select one ย favourite pic of your to put up in your house !!

You can make those beautiful embossed wedding photo albums where the brides/groom’s jewellery is embossed along with the background also giving 3D effect. ย So I wish you all the best ! Happy Sorting ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›