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Wedding Gifts 001 – The Brand new Ford Ecosport!

We today start a new series the wedding gifts. Here we will cover several wedding gifts from small to big, from the bride to the groom to the tiniest return gifts. Find all the how’s and where’s under the title “Wedding Gifts”.
As they say in hindi “Shuruvaat badi honi chahiye”!!( Start should be Big). So lets begin with gifting a car! Now dont gather ideas that I am being impractical and who would think of gifting a Car! In Indian Weddings gifting a car is a very normal tradition. Who would be gifting the car is another question that is probably crossing your mind right now. The Bride to the Groom, Groom to the Bride,Father to Daughter, In-laws to the Couple, Brother to sister etc. It is also the unsaid dowry in the modern days !  Anyway we are not falling in the discussion for who whats etc. But if you are contemplating gifting a car and the options  or even gifting one to yourself  😛 Ford brings you the new Ecosport!


It’s a gorgeous 5 seater petrol/diesel Manual compact crossover  with an incredible cheap cost of 5.59 lacs (ex showroom Delhi)!!  And its launched today. The fuel tank capacity of up to 52 litres and declares a mileage of 15.8 kmpl (Petrol engine)!  Also comes with a keyless start and inbuilt Music system.Though I havent really test driven the car but the amount of features that its boasts of is definitely worth the cost of the vehicle. The detailed description of the car is available on their website
Interestingly Ford has launched the SYNC technology , the very first in India!  This lets  the driver control applications using voice command on smart phone. It will also connect directly with the local emergency services in case of an accident and pre-select the introductory line on basis of the location from the GPS input. There 7 very awesome colours available in the car.
Prices for the Ford EcoSport (ex-showroom Delhi) 
Ford EcoSport Ambiente petrol-5.59 lakh
Ford EcoSport Ambiente diesel- 6.69 lakh
Ford EcoSport Trend petrol-6.49 lakh
Ford EcoSport Trend diesel-7.61 lakh
Ford EcoSport Titanium petrol-7.51 lakh
Ford EcoSport Titanium petrol AT- 8.44 lakh
Ford EcoSport Titanium Ecoboost petrol- 7.89 lakh
Ford EcoSport Titanium diesel-8.62 lakh
Ford EcoSport Titanium (O) Ecoboost petrol-8.29 lakh
Ford EcoSport Titanium (O) diesel-8.99 lakh
The bookings for this car are now open. So go grab your Eco Sport. I am sure your loved one’s would love you more for this gift! Gifting a car is after all not that a bad idea !  Plan it ahead of time so that you have your finances in place for everything else you need.  We spoke about planning your wedding here.
~~xoxo .