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New year Party with a Difference !

We are nearing the end of the year 2012. Like every year this one has its own bits and pieces to remember. It’s this one last  day when many unknown hotels, resorts, bands, dancers, singers, tour planners, event management companies and what not make money. One single day and people make lakhs, millions like wise. Is it necessary to spend so much for celebrating New year?
An average party where a couple makes an entry costs 3k (3000INR) and above as cover charge only. Food and other things depends on how much more to spend. We Indians are always a step ahead in celebrations; Be it wedding or festivals or New year.  Is it worthy to spend so much? Why spend so much, when you can have the same fun at lesser price?  What about the after party confusions? Unsafe travelling alone or travelling with a lady, Getting booked for Drunken driving or the  uncertainity of availability or heavy fares hiring  a taxi or room rent and all kind of other complications. In a simpler tone, most people celebrate an amount which is equivalent to a month’s expense on New year night.
Here is a suggestion from us as to how to celebrate this New year wisely and cheaply!!
Arrangements + Planning
Celebration always make sense when you are with the right bunch of people, Friends. Arrange a small house party with friends & family.  Plan it at one of your houses or rent a house or cottage for a day where all can sleep after party. Divide the expense. Make arrangements for food, cleaning, and other things(audio,video and whatever). This celebration may not be a Page 3 celebration, but this will be one new year where you are celebrating with the right bunch spending a small amount of money and with minimal risk.
Minimize unnecessary spending and save some money.
No worries about drinking and driving.
No safety concerns when you have to reach home late.
Party with friends and hence no risk for girls.
No cops and eve teasers to bother.
Happy Family 🙂
Friends should be available.
Place for party & stay should be available.
Someone to cook food & clean should be available.
This is not a Page 3 party where a famous DJ plans some tracks.