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We are a bunch of newly weds who are here to share with you our journey towards and after the wedding. Also to help you plan and live life easier through the jitters. You sure can share your ideas, experiences, suggestions, opinions and anything and everything related to marriage and after. We currently are trying to give support on everything related to marriage as the season is on. Then integrate more, so on and so forth. We will be doing this for a couple of cities now and later expand our horizon to more.
Marriage begins with the Girl and the Boy. It sounds simple, but it includes loads of key factors. The Family, Love, the bond, Expectations, Dreams, Planning, Implementation, Living the moment, Planning the future and the story that begins with a knot continues. By now you must be thinking what are we doing here!! We are here for The Boy/The Girl/The Family/The Friends right from the moment they meet for the very first time. We ain’t Love Gurus or Fashionistas or great Philosophers, but we are what you are, the common people. We understand and relate to what you feel when it comes to Marriage and we are here to help/support within our full capacity, experience, knowledge and ideas.  We and you together can make your life memorable by sharing and supporting.
We are a bunch from different part of India. Our experience in marriages include from southern tip to northern tip. We are not from a single state in India, but from different parts of India. We have thorough knowledge, access to resources, contacts and necessary people and places for Planning, shopping, Wedding Cards, Photography, hosting the auspicious occasion  Catering, Transportation, Pandit, Band Baaja and all. We are the one stop shop, where as for you getting these things done is a bit difficult. We are not brokers, but will definitely love to attend the wedding though. 😛 ”
Yes, we  have never ending stories and  are totally self proclaimed one stop destination for Everything you need to know about how to make “US” from ‘U’ n ‘I’ !!

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  1. 😀 Great 1 guys :).. keep going .. This will definitely help my frnds who are still hunting .. The best thing is ” 1 stop shop ” which is what every single family look for instead wandering around for the best one … Thanks for the inviteeeee 🙂

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