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All about "US"

We thought of sharing a small story about how “US” evolved from “U n I”. “I” comes from an ” Individual ” . Now  Don’t you try to think this is related to apple or any of its products ;-). It’s about you and us. All of us!

All about "US"
All about “US”

Let me break this flowchart for you guys, this ain’t no Davinci code, We are talking about family and individuals. As I told earlier, “I”  for Individual and “US” for family. How “I” forms “US”?? duh! like you don’t know that 😛 . Generations before us, something called evolution happened and we the humans resulted. Our ancestors, their ancestors and so on.  All of us are “I”’s, we take decisions to start living for the future and choose a suitable partner. We decide to live with this partner with or without (as in some cases) the consent of our parents. This is supposed to happen as a holy communion in front of your family, friends and God as witness. This Holy Communion is named “Marriage”; the beginning of a new meaningful relationship till eternity.
Marriage ain’t the end of an individual or “I” in short, I like to call it a new phase, “US”.  After marriage, family life of  “I” starts. Sooner or later, the “I”‘s form a new “I” (of-course the new born baby) and thus “US” is a new family.. The number of members of the new “US” family may increase with more “I”s, and soon the “US” family will become the complete family.
Marriage changes an individual in many possible ways. Once married a person always thinks about his/her partner and the family. Then comes responsibility and living life meaningfully. The meaning of love and relationships will be learnt through the ongoing process called Living life. Without a Family, none of us might have born. Family completes a person, which makes the word ‘Happy’, meaningful and ‘world’, beautiful, innovative, humane and evolving.
A meaningful knot keeping your friends, relatives, parents and the Almighty as witness, A promise that you will take care of each other, a moment which should remain in everyone’s life as “The Most Memorable Moment”, A Moment when the word Family comes into existence in your life and the moment which makes your ancestor’s happy about you for carrying on the legacy of living happily as a family.
“Theknotstory” is here to share our experience and hear from you more about the  moment you want to remember the most, the moment you want to begin living as “US” from being an “I” and also to help you guys and girls make your plan easy for any phase of  your life by our assistance. Thereby giving you more time to live with your family/loved ones rather than running around and asking questions and waiting for answers. For contacting us all you need to do is open your browser while you sit there watching TV maybe and there you go! You are one step closer to your solution!
We are here to answer all possible questions about setting up and planning your life, but questions about your life and living it cannot be given by us or in fact anyone, it’s you who can find answer to those questions by living the life meaningfully.

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