Zofind – The new pathfinder for Delhiites

Delhi has a dozens of things to do during weekends and even during weekdays. Most of us are unaware them, the top eateries, new movie releases, concerts, food festival going on are often missed by many. That’s when Zofind comes into picture. Zofind is a one-stop local information service provider for Delhi, If you’re looking for something specific or just curious to see what’s happening all around town, you’ll find all the solutions here.

A website developed by an Indian startup Venture , Zofind isn’t exactly a novel ground-breaking technology or a billion-dollar idea. Rather, it is a venture that takes an already existing idea and projects it toward an audience that said idea had hitherto overlooked. While PVR Saket or Regal would be mentioned in Google Maps, would every local theater hall be also there? We imagine not! With Zofind, you’ll find not only the big guns, but also the small businesses that are in Delhi.

So far, being a recent Start-up venture, ZoFind has only covered the capital of India, Delhi. Delhi is one of the largest cities in the world and has no end to attractions in it. With all the recent hype about Make in India, it is kind of sad that when it comes to entertainment, we inevitably turn to large corporations with tremendous western influence while neglecting the small businesses that serve the country from a very grass-root level. Our hope is that with a small but effective website such as ZoFind, you’ll be able to get into your attention span numerous small businesses that’ll change the way you look at the city and give the rustic life a chance.

Website developer Mohit Bardia aided by his team have come up with an extensive and elaborate framework of hotels, parks, restaurants, coffee shops, movie theaters and what not around the city of Delhi. You can access them from their website which will soon be available in and around the android marketplace. The website will be targeted, as stated earlier, solely at one city for now, but the developers hope that following their success, they’ll increase the outreach of the website to span other cities as well.

ZoFind has already developed a reasonable customer base and is looking to increase in demand as time goes by.

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