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They say—think in the morning, act in the noon, eat in the evening and sleep in the night! And we at Hastens are offering you a perfect opportunity to gift yourself an unmatched and back-pain free sleep.

Gone are the days when mothers used to make their child sleep while humming a song in their laps or when one would just read a novel before falling asleep or just talk the day with each other. The present is all stressful and full of digital noise. But you can surpass all this and trade up to better sleep in all-natural Hastens bed. 

Your best medicine for sleep—Hastens Bed!
Your best medicine for sleep—Hastens Bed!

Hästens, who have been perfecting the art of sleep since 1852, has gone miles to deliver one of the best beds you can buy for your body. Being Sweden’s oldest manufacturer of beds, we are one of the few to get Swan certificate (Nordic environment labelling). At Hastens, we use only natural materials like horsehair, cotton, wool, flax, Swedish pine and steel to provide the ultimate in comfort, support, quality and durability and offer what you call—deeper and natural sleep. 

Nature demands sleep for one third of our life and what we going to get for rest of our life depends on that. A good Sleep affects our body as there are  less chance of cardiovascular diseases, it strengthens immune system and gets free from infections. Good sleep also enhances our intellect emotional life and anxiety and depression do not surround us. With good sleep the aeging process reduces by 25%- this is what hastens bed helps in achieving through out your lifetime. 

Having said that, its time you switch to a bed that is comfortable, well constructed and is made of natural materials like in Hasten beds offering you the right pliability as it is important that your entire back is supported and that you are lying on the bed, not on top or deep inside.  

Your best medicine for sleep—Hastens Bed!
Your best medicine for sleep—Hastens Bed!

Available: Hästens Store Mumbai: P-11, Opp P 2 Building,Raghuvanshi, Lower Parel, Mumbai. 

Date: Ongoing

Contact: 9920626606

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