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We all are busy with our own life. Well, actually that point is not entirely correct. If we are busy with our own lives, why are we forgetting things which are so common in our daily life? Why do people wake- up in morning and scream: “Do we have a new Toothpaste, “This one is empty” and get to hear a response “Yaar, bhool gaya (Dear, Forgot that)” which is followed by “the shops will open after 10 am only since it is Sunday and you need to leave by 8:30am”. This happens in many bachelor houses and even with some family. We try to avoid this situation, but it keeps happening. Four smart guys came with a concept personal concierge service and named it ‘Yelow’.

Yelow is a personal care concierge service that takes care of our every-day essential products. A smart lifestyle E-Commerce platform, Yelow enhances the users’ shopping experience through innovative product filters, smart recommendation and an easy-to-pick kit based system. An intelligent product tracker that keeps a record of all your essential products, the usage cycle and reminds you well in time to reorder so you never run out of them.

Once you open Yelow and you start shopping, you will be able to see the available options and there is a category called yelow kit which have a bag readied as’ Wander- Men’s Travel Kit’ which have a bunch of necessary stuff you need while travelling. There is a baby kit too, you can add more products other than the already existing ones. If you don’t want to go for a bag, go for the individual item and check out your order. Well, you ned to sign-up to this website to order though 😀


Yelow is for you if you are:

  • A smart, educated shopper who likes to pick the right product out of the thousands of options available.
  • A young working couple who do not get time to make a shopping list and hate last minute run for shopping.
  • An urban Indian who wants to be educated and stay hygienic always as regards to the personal care products.
  • An aspiring Tier II and Tier III city citizen who likes the best products in the country at your doorstep regularly.
  • A teenager who wants to know & buy the product you need, within the comfort of your room.
  • A nonchalant individual who would like someone to help you make a Ready Kit, which takes care of your basic needs.

Yelow was founded by four friends in May 2015 in Mumbai. Each of the four co-founders brings a unique skill to the business which was imperative for the business to flourish. Arjun Shah, Viraj Mehta  and Nakul Vakil  were class mates at Indian School of Business (ISB, Hyderabad) where the idea took shape. They say “We are optimistic to change the way India shops offering an engaging and exciting platform and in turn make India a safer and more Hygienic country.” So here are they 

Have you seen the Yelow Video yet? You can see it here – YELOW VIDEO:

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