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Blessed are those who have a family to love and support . But I would say truly blessed are those who have a best friend for a lifetime. The word ‘friend’ is so commonly used now a day’s that I feel the real meaning or importance of friendship is lost somewhere. In a virtual world, a total stranger can be your friend just by sending you a friend’s request. There is nothing wrong in doing so but I’m someone who gives a lot of value for the word ‘friend’.

When the world is making new friends every day, I still stick to my school friends along with a few more treasured ones who have been with me in my thick and thin. I have seen people who call everyone a friend but for me, they are just classmates/flatmates or colleagues. Out of few very precious gems whom I call best friends, she is my most favourite one.

We know each other from the very first day of our kindergarten. No, we were not friends then or later but we were together from then… We grew up together, helped each other grow and stood by each other during teenage problems which we laugh out loud now but was life threatening problems then :D, we shared teenage jokes, the punishments which we used to get for not doing homework or for not behaving well ( yes we were not the best students in class 😛 ) Later we did our graduation together, I was amazed to see her in the same college as we were still not best friends. We had a notorious gang in college well known for all naughty deeds ( let me not go into detail 😛 ) By the end of graduation we were good friends but not close enough to be best friends.

Years passed by we completed our post-graduation, both of us got married and moved to different cities. That is when I realised how close we are. I still do not miss to have tummy full Biriyani made by her during every vacation ( yes! she’s an amazing cook 😀 ) Both of us are travel freaks and we make sure we go for girls tour once a year and cherish the school and college days madness.

We may not meet every day but still we share the smallest or most minute happenings in our life. Even though we are poles apart we know each other so well that she can make out that I’m not in a good mood staying thousands of miles away. We have a way to fix each other’s problem in life and in many instances we have shouldered each other’s burden.
In my case, I never made a best friend until she happened to me and that too over a period of time. Now it’s been 28 years and the practical and matured me very well know the hyper-excited and ever-smiling girl who goes crazy over chocolates and teddy bear 😀  I’m glad that I’m one of the  few lucky ones who could experience the joy of having a ‘best friend’.

This is my story of friendship. I know most of us will have a beautiful story to share. Bollywood news always excites me, how exciting is it to know about Bollywood friendship. ZeeTv is coming up with a full-filled chat show where Bollywood stars share their story of friendship. Don’t forget to watch Yaaron Ki Baraat hosted by Sajid Khan and Riteish from 8th October at 8 PM. More exciting news is Amitabh Bachchan and Shatrughan Sinha is going to share their friendship journey tomorrow. So stay tuned to Zee Tv and don’t miss to watch Yaaron Ki Baraat.



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4 thoughts on “Yaaron Ki Baraat – When Life gives you Best Friends

  1. You have written so beautifully about friends. Yes friendship is everything in this worlds. We must always stick to our friendship. I believe in the good company it is just like an icing on the cake.

    Thanks for sharing.

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