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You guys would have read the boy’s version: Girls get ready, FIFA worldcup 2014 is here – How to adapt with Football Mania (here)  Let’s answer them 😀

C’mon guys, it’s just a world cup and not a world war. Were you asleep all these years that all of a sudden you turn into a football freak? Few months back you didn’t even know who Luis Suarez was 😛 . As you have a lot of restrictions to make, let us also clarify something.

  •  As the remote is with you for the past few weeks, I suppose as soon as the gala ends you ought to watch a romantic movie with us (chick movie will be much more funnier.. :P)
  •  We won’t support your team unless it has cute looking guys in it and ya talented too…wateva.. 😛
  • If the player is cute, we will interfere asking his whereabouts and make “awww” sounds whenever he appears on screen.
  • After watching those repeats over and over again, hope you understood why we watch our favorite show re-telecast .
  • Do your prayers before going to bed so that you can stop kicking me in your dreams by the by am not your football.
  • Since when did your favorite time turned to be 1:30 a.m.; if it was us calling for a sugar talk, you would have been snoring like anything.
  • I wonder how you are so prompt and punctual, exactly at 9:30 p.m., what happened to ‘just a minute, here I come” routine dialogue.
  • You can bring your friends, but no breaking my stuff when your team looses the match.
  • Don’t you dare use red card on me or else your sleeping on the couch today. 😀
  • We ask questions so that we try to like what you love, but if you feel its irritating, wait till you know what we can do to make you more irritating..
  • Stop guiding the players from home. They already have a talented & reputed coach.
  • You can watch football but stop adoring WAGS.
  • If Maria Sherapova doesn’t know who Sachin is, you must spare us, after all we are just normal girls 😛

It shouldn’t matter we scream “SIXXXX” when it’s a goal, its all about enjoying the game with family 😀 .

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41 thoughts on “World cup and its traumas at home :P

  1. lol. Loved your post. I have watched every single game and I have always taken it maybe a bit too seriously lol. My team just got eliminated so I’m sort of getting over it lol.

  2. m nt a soccer fan at all.. dunno why so much of hype n people pretending to fit in just fr name sake to sound cool.. ur articles are too good.. a breath of fresh air i must say 😀

    1. Well said nats, i have even seen few off them napping while watching football, don’t know why they pretend to be a football freak.

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