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We love innovations which can be the change in our life. We like to spread the word about those innovations and the company behind that. On a regular day, I came across someone in twitter and he threw light about something interesting. A startup which supports inventors . We used to buy things based on ads, reviews, but now we pre-order things based on the specifications and the functionalities of the product. We does this for phones,appliances, smart watches, activity trackers and what not. This post is about Wit works and two products in the pipe line. Over to Witworks

 “Two Inventors are all set to make in India” – Wit Works

The Story: 

This May, two people will have the chance to become inventors and possibly change the way things are done across the world. Omkar Kulkarni, an electronics engineer and Mrs. Bina Keshava, a working mother of 3 have come up with ideas for a WiFi enabled audio streaming device and a hand-held electric dishwasher respectively.  These products could very well hit the global store shelves with their names on it. And all of this truly conceptualized, designed and Made in India. 

The inventors have come a long way from submitting their ideas 3 months back on Witworks, a Bangalore based start-up founded by 3 IIT Kharagpur alumni that helps anyone become an inventor. After significant inputs from the online community and a rigorous process of design and engineering, the two products Trippy and Scrubbl, have been given final shape, form and specifications.

  • Check out Scrubbl: 

But the actual litmus test of the inventors lies in the Witworks Pre-order that just went live on 2nd of April. For the products to be manufactured and made a reality, they are seeking the support of thousands of backers through a first of its kind ‘all-or-nothing’ pre-order campaign. If Trippy and Scrubbl reach 1000 pre-orders each, Witworks will get them into production.

 ScrubblDoing Dishes Won’t Be the Same Again

No one likes doing dishes. Its icky, it takes a lot of time and it is downright boring. And that’s exactly why Scrubbl is here!

Scrubbl is a handheld device which makes it super easy to wash utensils. The oscillatory motion of its brush at over 700 times per minute and its unique design lets you reach any corner of the utensil and make it super clean.


It is designed to significantly improve the process of cleaning utensils of all shapes and sizes. So you can reach all nooks and corners without any effort!



In addition to making the process of washing dishes a delight, Scrubbl has been made to be the perfect companion in your kitchen. It looks beautiful on your countertop!


Scrubbl works like a charm. Here’s why…

Scrubbl cleans utensils like your hands, only much, much, faster. Like up to700 times per minute!  With interchangeable heads brush and scrub heads for normal and nasty utensils respectively, Scrubbl has been designed to clean everything that enters your kitchen sink.



This is how it works:


  • Step 1. As soon as it touches the surface of the utensil, it springs into action.
  • Step 2. The head has a rotational oscillation over the surface at a very high frequency to remove any oil and stains.
  • Step 3. Rinse the utensils and they are now clean!

Technical Specifications


What makes Scrubbl Awesome?

  1. Ergonomics: We’ve designed scrubbl to feel perfect in the hands while cleaning utensils.


 Move-on-touch Technology: This makes Scrubbl truly special. It only moves when it presses upon the utensil surface. Result? No splatter and an improved battery life.


  1. Powered: Scrubbl has a battery to ensure its untethered during a wash.


  1. Rotational Oscillation: Scrubbl eliminates all the problems that come with a rotational scrubber. This motion makes it so much more effective to clean utensils.


  1. Safety: Scrubbl has been designed to be safe for working near water.


  1. Brush and Scrub Head

Two very effective heads that together cover all kinds of utensils.




About the Inventor:

Mrs. Bina Keshava

Scrubbl is an idea by Mrs. Bina Keshava, a working mother of three, who wanted a simple solution for washing utensils. Apart from being a senior engineering manager at a leading tech company, Mrs. Keshava is also a super-efficient homemaker.

“No one likes doing dishes with hands and the alternatives like a dishwasher are really expensive and ineffective. So, I thought what can’t there be a more efficient way of doing dishes that minimizes effort and time. Something like a scrubber, but may be an electric one”, says Mrs. Keshava.

Bina Kesava
Bina Kesava

Witworks’ Take:

Scrubbl is meant to fill the gap between the regular manual scrubbers, which are cumbersome to use and dishwashers, which are priced in excess of USD 5,000. Being a battery powered hand-held device, it has been designed to fit snugly into the hand and feel comfortable for long use. Scrabble has the potential to become a must-have device for kitchens across the globe.

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