Winter skin care: theknotstory tips

Winter skin care: theknotstory tips
Winter is one of the best wedding season and lucky are those who get to marry during winter. You have wide options during winter wedding like beach wedding, lawn wedding and so many lovely themes.
Winter is the time where you need to take good care of your skin. If you avoid proper winter care lots of skin problems arises. We would like to give our ‘to be bride’ few tips for winter skin care
  • Cracking skin is the main concern during winter. Find a good moisturizer which suits your skin and apply constantly.
  • If you are pimple person avoid chocolates and oily food which will reduce your pimple.
  • Drink lot of water which will help to glow your skin.
  • Oil massages will reduce skin dryness.
  • Take Luke warm water shower rather than hot water shower.
  • Give special care to your hands and elbows, keep moisturizing them and use gloves.
  • Keep good care of your feet, Use a good foot cream to avoid cracked heel. Wear socks to avoid dryness
  • Don’t leave your sunscreen during winter.Before you leave home, apply a sunscreen with at least an SPF of 15 or more
  • Follow DIY tip by theknotstory which will never make your skin dry, remove tanning and which help you glow the skin.
  • When you step out wear a scarf to protect your skin from winter dryness and wind burn.
  • Keep a good lip balm with you and apply it as and when your lips get dried.
  • Eat balanced diet which are rich in nutrients and vitamins and try not to skip your meals.
  • Attend the pre-wedding grooming sessions and chose the best facial and skin treatments which suits your skin tone.
The above tips are not just for brides, these are minimum winter skin care that one need to follow to keep your skin away from dryness and to maintain healthy glowing skin during winter.
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