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After the Grand opening of the DAY 2 at the Wills India Fashion Week 2014, The second day saw some really awesome fabrics, silks are back in and such a pleasant change from the regular nets and georgettes! As usual I bring you my favorite wedding friendly picks from the WIFW 2014 that you can either wear on the D  Day or might  as well have it in your trousseau.

Kiran and Meghana’s Myoho was inspired by morocco theme daunted silk and pastels and was a completely wearable collection. Here are some of the outfits I would consider buying among others!

Wills India Fashion week
The myhoo Collection has elegant wear and less is more people!
Wills India Fashion week
Beautiful Silk Fabrics at the Myoho Show! Complete WEarable designs by Kiran And Meghana!
Wills India Fashion week
Pastels and Silks A must have!

Rimzim Dadu & Kallol Datta put up a beautiful show ‘My village ‘ but nothing too weddingy in there! But I loved the elaborate prints. After that Anand Bhushan had a elaborte spike and pearls and studs in the collection which we love in weddings but not his outfits! While Nachiket Barve was a complete surprise with the most amazing embroideries and completely different collection. Me likeyy! But still no wedding pickss. I am getting panicky now 😀 😛  While Malini Ramani had a monochrome daunted collection with her wearing the beautiful black dress I loved Every single outfit in Nikasha‘s collection. I have to admit I am going through a Pink phase in my life so  I am liking everything that has to be near pink palette.  This used to happen when I was a child really! But Its backkkkk (Humming in karan johar style :P) So I loved all of her outfits but putting a few below. I Also have to mention the amazing clutches that her models were flaunting. I loved them!

Wills India Fashion Week
How awesome is the golden plete section ??!! LOVEEE
Wills India Fashion Week
Such Ideas saree for day brunch or a morning pooja!
Wills India Fashion Week
Love every bit of this peace. The color always wins my heart!

So that was pretty much my round-up on the Day two of Wills India Fashion week 2014 Day 2! I hope you guys get some inspiration. DO NOT forget to read the Day 1 here. Ohh and yea I forgot to mention my favorite Shantanu and Nikhil ones  from day 1 in the last post. Well not forgot exactly. I loved each and every one of them! His collection was so much about frills and fishtails and bringing the inner shadows out! M still hung up there. But here’s a few.

Wills India Fashion Week
Shantanu & Nikhil’s gowns are always on the top of my favorite list.
Wills India Fashion Week
Seriously what is not there to love about these outfits ??
Wills India Fashion Week
They did a men’s collection too. I loved this outfit!


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