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I always hear the dialogue “He doesn’t do anything. He is very lazy..Blah blah blah” This keep going non stop , I ain’t saying it is wrong. Every single word she said is right. There is a little secret why guys are lazy? πŸ˜‰ Β If you really love to know about it, then keep a watch on your guy for a week or a month. I know if it is difficult considering the amount of distraction in real life, still give it a try.

Every guy have this feeling that she will do it while every girl has the feeling why is he not doing it. These two thoughts clashes and it makes some noise which is decoded as an argument. Once this ends, you will see her doing whatever she was supposed to do and He busy watching Soccer or doing something which is more important as per him πŸ˜€ Is he lazy, no he is not. He is doing what he wants to do. Also, no girl lets her guy cook because he may make the kitchen more artistic (spilling this and that). This is what bounce backs on her. If she lets him cook, she will come to know how good a cook is he and trust me there might be some hidden talent in him.

Suggestion: Give him a chance to cook and ask him to clean the kitchen after his cooking.

About how organized your house is , it really doesn’t matter but again she prefers the house to be organized. This is a problem where only solution is to give him a room and lock it when guests come so that they wont see the un-organized things. Guys do help in organizing home, but again like what I said in first paragraph, the argument part takes care of it and she does the work. Guys like to do things taking their sweet time, for example he may start the organizing part late, but eventually he will do it.

Suggestion: Let him do the work assigned to him, irrespective of how late is he going to do.

This sunday, try these things. I do not think I should write a list here, but the point is give it a try and let him do it. Cooking, cleaning, organizing etc, not all but one by one per day / week and see how it goes. There is one thing about guys, once they start doing something and it becomes part of their schedule they will find time for it somehow and eventually it will become part of their daily schedule.

Now in my case, I am lazy but a good boy. Laks, you don’t need to worry, when I say I will do this means it wil be done soon. How soon, that depends πŸ˜›

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38 thoughts on “Why Guys are Lazy

  1. I let my ex cook for me all the time when we were together…you are right there was a lot more mess. I learned to just clean up… the next guy will have to help πŸ˜‰

  2. Interesting as I gladly do the cooking and cleaning and with great pride! I don’t have time to be lazy or life will pass right by.

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