Welcoming Winters

Winter is around the corner. Are you ready to welcome it or not? Welcoming winter doesn’t mean just shopping winter clothes, but taking care of a couple of more things.

1) Travel plans – Any travel planned during November – January end should be done keeping the fog circumstances in mind. Trains & flights getting delayed is pretty common in winters, but if planned properly you can avoid this situation.Travel during day time, book for 11am – 5pm kind.
Luggage limit in domestic flights are less, so keep that in mind when you are booking your tickets. Max 15kgs allowed per passenger. Winter wears are heavy and this needs some good planning like thermal warmers, light woolen sweaters etc .

2) Health – Keep an eye on your health. Viral and other communicable diseases spread during winters easily.

3) Winter Getaways – Plan some winter getaways. There are beautiful destinations like Mcleod ganj, Kasauli, Dharamsala Shimla, Dalhousie etc. Most of these places look the best in winter. This is the best time to visit places like Udaipur, Jaipur, Kerala, and other hill stations in South India.

4)Weddings – Wedding season is back and be prepared. Shop smart before attending winter weddings, else you may be the well dressed shivering person 😛 Those who are planning to get married please book the venue best suited for the weather. Booking a lawn in peak winter for wedding is not a smart decision.

5) Driving – Make sure you have your fog lamps working during winters. Also ensure you check your vehicle periodically, especially in winter. Driving with low visibility is never easy.

6) Winter protection – Buy sweaters, cosmetics etc for protection from the deadly cold weather. 🙂 Check your room heaters and car heaters.

Important thing is do the above to enjoy your winter.

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