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Malls are the new age hang out place where you can spent the weekend with family. Some years back when Malls were not so common, people used to go to different shops to buy different stuff. These shops may be in a line, in a building, in different buildings or even at a significant distance from each other. Taking a family out for shopping during that times was not so easy starting from parking your car to the distance you have to cover, number of carry bags, managing kids who are irritated by walking and bored by shopping. Then Malls came, the mall culture came to India in early 2000 while it came into world much early.

A Weekend with Family – At the Mall
A Weekend Spent with Family – At the Mall

The mall history starts from the ancient time Rome and in our today’s world it came into existence in 1700’s when they opened a purposely built mall in St. Petersburg (Russia). This was the beginning of a new revolution which was followed later by different countries. Malls became a trend which turned into a necessity later. Now if you Google for the largest malls in the world, you will see lots of developing countries in the list and not the countries where the mall culture originated. Now readers will be having some questions as to why are we concerned about malls when we always guide our readers to shop from normal shops? There is a reason behind everything and a good one infact.


A Weekend with Family – At the Mall
A Weekend Spent with Family – At the Mall

Malls are the perfect place for a family to shop. Think about a family who needs to shop grocery, shop clothes, spend time with family, eat out, let the kids play while they shop, watch a movie, a mall is the perfect place. The best place where you can do multiple things; without roaming around in sun, searching parking spots, be worried about the weather outside and end the day with a nice dinner. You can find some good exclusive shops in malls which are good for people who look to shop branded goods are not much worried about the cost. Also, the best part is Sales. End of season, Clearance, festival, boxing day etc. These are times when one can shop at a higher budget with a reasonable wallet. Malls, are costly because you go there, you see the options, you will end up spending money, but who else is not willing to spend for his family?


A Weekend with Family – At the Mall
A Weekend Spent with Family – At the Mall

A day which can start with a movie followed by some shopping while the kids can play in the Kids area in the mall where they will be monitored and then have a nice lunch followed by some more shopping and end the day with a nice and awesome dinner with family. All at the same place, no need to search for parking, no need of getting worried about weather outside , the only thing you need is money and a loving and understanding family. With the right understanding, mall can also be economical place for a family, Trust me.


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12 thoughts on “A Weekend with Family – At the Mall

  1. yess..I agree malls are cool laces to hangout with friends or family! by the way the beauty treatment of TKS turned out to be amazing and it looks great Laks :-))

  2. I am also a big fan of the mall. It is a is a great place to get chorded done as well as letting the kids have fun. I also like the walking it forces to me do 🙂

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