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If you are already in Goa and want to taste more of the Konkan coasts and plains, then there are plenty of destinations in the vicinity to explore. From quiet hilly hamlets to forested areas, pristine beaches, and old towns, Goa offers a starting point for interesting weekend getaways. Book a reliable Goa outstation cab from a trusted vendor and head to any of these destinations within and around the state and add to your travel memories.

Dudh Sagar Waterfalls

Located at a distance of nearly 73 Km from Panjim, it takes you about two to three hours to reach from the city. Considered to be one of the highest waterfalls in the country, this is Goa’s proud possession. Nestled in one corner of the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary in Mollem, this rapid cascade marks the border of Goa and Karnataka in the south each. These falls are best seen during and post-monsoon when the water level of the river increases and gushes down the rugged terrain of the plateaus. While you explore the frothy waterfalls, trek through the hilly trails, you can also make a trip to Sahyadri Spice Farm, which grows a large variety of ethnic spices used in Goa and other parts of Konkan coast.

Chorla Ghats

Tucked neatly on the borders of Karnataka, Goa, and Maharashtra on the Western Ghats, the Chorla Ghats is situated to the north-east of Panjim city. It takes about two hours to reach from the city. With rich flora and fauna, lush mountains, this is a popular destination among explorers and naturalists. You will find quite a many trek groups and hikers treading the trails of these Ghats. You can do jungle walks for animal and bird spotting, trek through the hills and reach the Lasni Temb Peak or the Twin Vajra Waterfalls. There are jungle resorts and camping options with Machans (tree houses) for an exotic experience.

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

This is an ideal retreat for wildlife lovers, trekkers, or anyone looking for a change from the bustling beaches of Goa. Many local schools take their children to the sanctuary for a field trip. There’s a minizoo, deer park, botanical garden, rose gardens, and many such nature-oriented locales. You can opt for a Jeep or elephant safari or a walking or a driving tour of the sanctuary. The forest of Bondla is known for housing exotic species of birds, leopards, peacocks, sloth bear, pythons, toddy cars, and elephants. Spend some time watching these animals and birds in action and absorb the serenity of the dense forests.


Sitting atop 690 meters above the sea, Amboli is Goa’s favorite hill station and the nearest one too. The quaint hills and valleys of Amboli on the Western Ghats make for a great weekend escapade, especially in the summer months. The scenic beauty of the hills, valleys, and waterfalls, the lush greenery, and the pleasant climate makes this a perfect destination in the heart of nature.


If you are in or traveling around South Goa, then you must make a trip to Karwar. This quaint coastal town sits on the southern border of Karnataka and Goa. You book a good quality cab from Goa to Karwar and explore this ancient seaport bordered by the Sahyadri Mountains on the east and the endless Arabian Sea on the west and south, and the Kalinadi River in the north. This was once a trading port during the colonial era. While the town has evolved from being a docking station to a charming beach destination, it still reflects traces of the old world charm, blended with its colorful coastal culture. Home to diverse communities, Karwar has earned its name through its food and festivals. With old European colonies, fishing villages, sea-faring traders, and ethnic groups, Karwar make for a vibrant place to explore and learn about this chapter of our social history.


Further southward from South Goa, and into the coastal side of Karnataka, you will land at the beach town of Gokarna. Although primarily a pilgrimage center, Gokarna tends to attract the abstract souls and those inclined to spirituality. Hence you can find a lot of hippies and hobos seeking respite in the beaches of Gokarna. The beaches are more pristine and water is much clearer than those of Goa, albeit due to strict rules imposed by the pilgrim centers. While the palm and casuarina-lined beaches are a sheer delight to the eyes, the serenity of the place is equally a treat for the soul. The temples, statues, and handicrafts reflect the local interest in art and architecture. Some of the most prominent and popular beaches are Om, Paradise, Half Moon, and Kudle.

Further, if you have just landed at the airport you can book a top-rated airport taxi and either travel outstation or head out into the state and see the sights. So, on your next Goa vacation, extend your holidays by a few more days and head to any of these destinations for a more holistic experience!

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