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Shopping,  if done at right places  can get you the best stuff at reasonable prices. What if the same happens in Wedding shopping? Some things which theknotstory team observed and understood in a visit to chandni chowk. Chandni Chowk (meaning Moonlight Square) is one of the oldest and famous markets in Old Delhi. This place has its own charm which varies from the famous food, the vintage buildings, the narrow streets, the markets and what not.

Chandni chowk - Street
A narrow street in chandni chowk

Guess what, it is not just the buildings, food and streets, but the old shops which are good for Wedding shopping or shopping ethnic dresses. There are wholesale shops where you can buy dresses or you can buy the dress materials starting from cloth, designs, accessories from here and get it stitched as per requirement. Perfect for your Indian wedding shopping.

We went to the area called ‘kinaare bazaar’ in chandni chowk. There are many streets in this area which  have abundant cloth shops and accessories to complete your wedding trousseau . These shops are mostly wholesale sellers. None of these shops have the style and presence like the ones you see in mall or elsewhere (So do not expect them to entertain you like the mall people do with cold drinks and snacks :-P). These shops look small from outside, but once you enter you will be shocked to see how big the shop is at the inside with the variety they have. For a budget wedding shopping, this is the best place. Think about buying your bridal dress at half the price you pay in a mall.

There are shops which sell Men’s dress material too. You can buy clothes for stitching shirt, trousers, blazer etc  of good brands at whole sale rate. This place is good for formals and ethnic, not casuals.

We checked some of the shops where you can shop designer sarees, wedding  lehangas etc and found that they are selling at huge discounted prices compared to the price of similar products online or in a shopping mall. The is a shop where you can buy a beautiful sarees or lehangas paying 50% of what is written on the price tag. You won’t see any Sale or discount boarding anywhere on these shops.

Dresses and accesories
Dresses and accessories


  • Best place to shop at any budget.
  • Shop double at less price than you shop anywhere else.
  • The number of options in each shop.
  • The customizing options.


  • You have to walk inside chandni chowk since the streets are narrow.
  • There is always rush in these areas.
  • You have to find out the right places by asking people.

Shopping is a time consuming affair, but if planned properly and spend properly it is something that makes people happy. 

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4 thoughts on “Delhi 6- Budget Wedding Shopping Heaven

  1. Hi there! Glad to see such informative post for wedding shopping.

    You are absolutely right, when it comes to buy a wedding fashion, people mostly prefer to shop from Delhi, where wedding clothes and accessories can be buy in a wholesale price that saves money on shopping. Delhi is the capital of India here we can get every types of wedding dresses, such as saree, lahanga and many more.

    Here, we can get the things in our budget therefore from a poor man to rich man buys the wedding outfits and things from here. Nice picks of saree and bangles. Thanks for taking interest to share Delhi as a perfect wedding shopping place.

    Have nice day ahead.
    – Ravi.

  2. The only mistake I did on my visit to Chandni Chowk was that I didn’t take out ample time to shop. Moreover, I wasn’t familiar to this market. But as soon as I explored it more with my friend and picked the best wedding outfit for my wedding, I fell in love with Chandni Chowk.

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