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Weddings, Irrespective of however long you plan it, you still feel something’s missing. Today weddings are a blend of old traditions with modern outlook. Perfection is everyone’s need these days. And if you as me I  think so too. If you are spending a fortune on them you need results don’t you?

All you need to know about wedding invites!

All you need to know about wedding invites!
All you need to know about wedding invites!

When time is a constraint in everyone’s life, you look for a savior and when traffic plays the villain part, you will prefer something which saves your time, money and unwanted travel.

This where E-Invites, Facebook Events, Online Wedding planners etc play a vital role. We from Theknotstory will be researching, reviewing some of these sites, one per day and will bring back reviews for you guys all from our eyes for your eyes only! Wait for it and we will make sure we wont disappoint you guys!

Also potential website owners who would like us to review them or write about them you are most welcome to contact us on

And like we always say

“If you need any help in any city to for shopping guidance we are happy to help. Just mail us at and we are at your service! Presently four (Mumbai, Hyderabad, Calcutta, New Delhi) .”


team theknotstory~~~

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