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Indian weddings and garlands are two indispensable entities! During a Hindu wedding the first time the bride gets ready and looks at the groom the next thing that follows is a garland (Varmala/Jaimala) exchange custom! Your very first pictures as a Man and wife come in with these Varmalas.  There is such a great variety of designs for wedding garland available in the market these days.  It’s highly important to choose the designs of your wedding garland very carefully. This post is going to be a treat for you guys, if you are about to book your garlands. Take inspirations and get your perfect wedding garland designed from your decorator!

Indian wedding garlands.

Theknotstory tip:

  1. Make sure the wedding garland is  not very heavy. You have to flaunt them for hours!
  2. Ensure the flowers are the couple friendly and none of them is allergic to any of the flowers used.
  3. The height of the garland should be till your waist or longer and not look like the Hawaii leis!
  4. Try not to use any artificial beads or artificial flowers. Real flowers are always graceful.

For any more suggestions or confusions or custom designing of garlands write to us at

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